Whether you are renovating your house, covering unexpected expenses, funding your dream wedding, consolidating your debt or planning a holiday, you can improve your financial situation today!

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Loan Features

  • Application appraised within 48 hours from document submission
  • Maximum loan amount of P700,000.00
  • Maximum term of 84 months
  • Deducted through payroll
  • Can consolidate loans from other financial institutions


  • Citizen of Botswana
  • Salaried employees in the public sector; Landboards, Councils, Tribal Admin (Dikgosana) and Pensioners from selected funds
  • Min age of 18 years
  • Max age of 60 (for those in the public sector)
  • Max age of 75
  • Employed for a minimum period of 6 months


  • Proof of ID (Omang)
  • Confirmation of employment with physical and postal address
  • Bank statement for the previous 3 months
  • Marriage Certificate
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Frequently asked questions

What Products and Services does First Capital Bank Offer to Consumers?

We offer Unsecured Personal Loans – both short term and long term, transactional accounts and savings accounts. For loan applications please check loan calculator

ALL Government Employees including Council and Land board employees, Pensioners under Botswana Life and BPOPF, University of Botswana employees registered under UBASSU union, Dikgosana employees.

No you do not need to have a First Capital Bank Account to apply.

You can borrow as from as little as P5,000 up to a maximum of P600,000. Depending on your affordability and desired tenor your loan can range from 6 Months to 84 Months.

You can expect to receive your loan proceeds in 48hrs subject to whether additional information is requested from you for assessment.

• Certified Copy of Omang + Physical Omang for Verification the sales agent
• Latest Original Payslip - Electronic pay slips (GOV ESS) must be stamped and signed
• Letter Confirming Employment
• 90 day Bank Statement
• Marriage Certificate – Form A/B and Spousal Consent
• Any other requested information

You may submit a loan account where you would like your loan proceeds to be disbursed.

You will receive a notification SMS once your loan application is successful for when your first installment is due.

First Capital Bank uses payroll deduction, meaning we will deduct your loan installment from your salary as we have arrangements with employers, however should your loan not deduct please make payment at our nearest branch to ensure your loan does not fall into arrears.

Your monthly insurance premiums afford you a credit life insurance cover, which will cover the loan amount in the event of your death, however it is subject to the following Terms and Conditions:
• You must be mentally and physically able to carry out your work and must have not been absent from work for more than 10 days due to illness in the preceding 3 months. If this condition is not satisfied you must have returned to work and completed 2 months continuous active service.
• Credit Life does not cover acts of suicide; as such the bank can claim from the deceased estate.
• A lump sum funeral benefit of P10,000 will be payable at death of the account holder, subject to the terms & conditions of the policy.

Consumer Service Centre

Complaints Escalation Process
At First Capital Bank, fast and efficient service is our core objective. Should you have any complaint about our service, products or anything in particular, kindly lodge your complaint following the procedure below:

First Stage
• Lodge your complaint with the Service Center Manager at the nearest Service Centre or through a telephone number 3907801.
• Your complaint will be registered on the complaint register.
• The Service Center Manager / Contact Centre Agent will engage with you to resolve the complaint.

Second Stage:
• If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the complaint, you can escalate the complaint to the Head of Sales.
• The Head of Sales will manage the complaint and provide regular updates on the progress of the complaint within 24hours.
• The Outcome of your complaint will be communicated to you through your preferred method of communication.

Third Stage:
• If there is still dissatisfaction after the resolution, you can escalate the complaint to the Consumer Lending Country Manager.

Fourth Stage:
• If you are still dissatisfied with the outcome, you can escalate the complaint to the CEO.

Fifth Stage:
• If you still not satisfied with feedback from the bank, you can escalate the complaint to the Botswana Banking Ombudsman/Regulator.
• You must contact the relevant ombudsman as soon as possible to find out what their requirements and time-frames are to lodge your complaint.
• For your convenience, the details of the Ombudsmen and First Capital Bank are given below:

Ombudsman First Capital Bank
Email: enquiries@bbo.org.bw Email:
Tel: +267 393 5409 Tel: 390 7801 | 0800600145
Fax: +267 393 5406  
Cell: +267 71 326 282  
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First Capital Bank Loan Facility

Whether you are renovating your house, covering unexpected expenses, funding your dream wedding, consolidating your debt or planning a holiday, you can improve your financial situation today!