Welcome to the World of More with First Capital Bank’s Belief Rewards. The Belief Reward loyalty program gives you access to immediate CashBack discounts at partner stores.

What’s More?

  • Free reward card;
  • Instant card issuance at any branch or consumer service centres;
  • Earn CashBack rewards from the bank for transactional activity and loyalty;

How to get started:

  1. Open an account and/or take a loan facility with the bank.
  2. Receive your instant loyalty card from ANY branch/consumer service centre near you
  3. Register your loyalty card, become a member and start shopping!
  4. Swipe your card at Partner stores when you shop and receive CashBack discount rewards
  5. Earn CashBack rewards from the Bank and redeem by using your card to pay for purchases at partner stores.
  6. Download the Cardholders Mobile App to manage your rewards anytime and anywhere.

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